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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Gives a Glimpse Into TBI Rehabilitation

Source: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)

Source: Sarah Stierch (CC BY 4.0)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been very public about his most recent brain injury from the beginning. After announcing that he would be sitting out of a major race due to concussion symptoms, the racer has been chronicling and sharing his recovery with the world.

Another eye chart. You hold this a foot from your face. Walking forward and backwards 8-10 feet. Shaking your head back and forth at 150 beats per minute. Find the letters. #alphabetfun #rehabtime

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Earnhardt sustained his latest traumatic brain injury during a race nine weeks ago and has widely discussed his late-appearing symptoms and struggles he has experienced. The star also frequently goes into depth talking about his experience on his podcast The Dale Jr. Download.

Now, the NASCAR hero is sharing videos on social media documenting the countless therapies and exercises he is doing during his rehabilitation.

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The short videos shared on Instagram show Earnhardt doing simple exercises like shooting a basketball or catching a bouncing a ball off the wall, as well as more advanced therapies. One video shows the racer in a dark room lit by a disco ball walking back and forth while moving his head. Techniques like these can help rehabilitate balance and vision problems similar to what Earnhardt has described.

Boring video, but the most challenging thing we do is this. Dark room, disco light, and walking backward and forward moving your head left and right. There's about 4 different exercises in this environment. #rehabtime

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The videos shared by the racer provide a glimpse into the multitude of ways doctors are working to combat the effects of brain injuries. While there is no direct treatment for TBI or concussions, there are a growing number of ways health professionals can help relieve symptoms and provide speedier recoveries.

You can see more videos from Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s TBI rehabilitation on Instagram.

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