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Running Back’s Concussion Reminds Us Most Brain Injuries Happen Off The Field

James Starks Concussion

Green Bay Packers Running Back James Starks
Source: Kyle Engman / Flickr

Anyone keeping up with the NFL knows about the league’s “concussion crisis” and the high risk of experiencing a brain injury playing the sport. However, it is often forgotten that concussions can happen anywhere, anytime.

Green Bay Packer fans got a fresh reminder of this today, as Packers running back James Starks was sidelined for a concussion he sustained in a car accident.

The player is otherwise uninjured, but coach Mike McCarthy told reporters the athlete was placed into the league’s concussion protocol because of the accident. He was not allowed to practice on Wednesday due to the injury and is unlikely to compete on Sunday.

The explosive hits and injuries in football get a lot of attention, but it is always important to remember the majority of concussions don’t happen in the NFL – or even in school football leagues. Most brain injuries are the results of common auto accidents or falls.

Any abrupt motion that jars the brain, like a fall in the shower or fender bender, can cause a brain injury. If you have experienced a recent injury or accident and begin to experience symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, or vision problems should consult a medical professional.

While the majority of concussions heal relatively quickly, it is important to take proper steps to allow your brain to heal following a concussion and ensure a more serious injury doesn’t occur while your brain is vulnerable.

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