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Photographer Tells His Story of TBI Recovery Through Pictures

Trevor Gavin's TBI Recovery

Source: Trevor Gavin/Peta Pixel

Every story of traumatic brain injury may include some similar themes, such as cognitive issues, long recoveries, and a lot of quiet resting. But, every story is also unique.

Trevor Gavin shows this through vivid pictures that document every step of his journey from traumatic brain injury to recovery. In March 2016, Gavin experienced a severe traumatic brain injury while skateboarding without a helmet in San Francisco.

Trevor Gavin's TBI Recovery

Source: Trevor Gavin/Peta Pixel

The photos go from moments after the injury – when emergency medical responders took a quick picture from Gavin’s phone to convince him to go to the hospital – all the way to now. The photographer and filmmaker has largely recovered, with a newborn baby daughter and a new lease on life.

Trevor Gavin's TBI Recovery

Source: Trevor Gavin/Peta Pixel

Read Trevor Gavin’s story and see more photos at PetaPixel.

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  1. CSM says:

    So happy, you got your life back. My brother-in-law recently had a 4-wheeler accident (no helmet) and a serious TBI. After 8 plus weeks, he is still at a specialty hospital, has lost 40 lbs, is on feeding tube and has a tracheotomy for breathing tube, he was finally able to speak a few words just 3 days ago, with therapy he is beginning to sit up and stand. It will be a long road to recovery.
    Thank you so much for your comments, it truly helps to know just what you had to go through. It gives a different perspective to me, a family member, observing from the outside what this special guy and his wife are going through.

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