By On May 12th, 2017

High School Football Players Remain Unfazed By Concussion Dangers

Source: SB Nation

Whether or not you agree with the changes, there is no denying that football isn’t the same as it used to be – all thanks to concussions.

For one, players face numerous new rules dictating not just when they are removed from play, but how and when they can tackle another player. Even further, athletes are largely required to undergo education courses to teach them about the dangers of brain injuries, both in the short and long term.

For the most part, football organizations like the NCAA and NFL have championed these changes while doctors and medical professionals encourage even larger steps to protect athletes. But, what do the athletes most at risk for brain injuries think?

It turns out, they aren’t very worried about concussions at all.

SB Nation interviewed dozens of high school football players at spring training camps across the country. While these young athletes seem to be more aware of the risks posed by brain injuries, they largely seem unconcerned.

Find out what these young athletes have to say about concussions at SB Nation.

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