By On November 15th, 2017

Elite high school football players shrug off concussion concerns

Source: Danny Parker/247Sports

There is no denying that high school football players these days know much more about brain injuries than their predecessors. Between the new concussion-related rules they have to follow, required pre-season education classes, and the constant discussions in the media, teen athletes are given a wealth of information regarding how to identify concussions and their potential long-term consequences.

Despite all this, a surprising number of high school athletes are just shrugging concussions off as “part of the game.”

This week, USA TODAY Sports spoke with over 40 Under Amour and U.S. Army All-American football players about their thoughts on participating in a dangerous sport at an early age and potentially making a career built on serious health risks.

While many of the athletes showed a significant awareness of brain injuries and may even be taking steps to lessen their risk, the overwhelming response was defined by apathy.

Find out what elite high school football players have to say about their (lack of) concussion fears at USA TODAY.

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