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Boxer Adonis Stevenson is relearning to walk and speak two months after TBI

Source: Stephanie Trapp/Showtime

Nearly two months ago, former world champion boxer Adonis Stevenson was knocked unconscious with a severe traumatic brain injury during a fight. Now, his family says he is beginning to show signs of progress in his recovery.

As Simone “Sisi” God – Stevenson’s girlfriend – told reporters over the weekend, Stevenson has begun walking with assistance and is relearning to speak.

“Last month, I disclosed that Adonis had woken up and was healing from his injury in the private company of his family and his dedicated medical team. Today, I am happy to share that after months of grueling workouts and physical therapy, Adonis has taken his first few steps, and is working towards walking independently,”

Following Stevenson’s injury, he was transported to Enfant-Jesus Hospital in Quebec City, where he underwent emergency brain surgery and was placed into a medically induced coma for several weeks.

While Stevenson initially appeared alert after the series of brutal hits believed to have caused the injury, his condition quickly deteriorated until emergency vehicles were called. He lost consciousness while in transport to the hospital.

“Despite his champion health, these improvements to his condition have not come easy,” God said. “Adonis has pushed himself as the true champion that he is, incorporating courage and determination into his recovery. It has been a true gift to watch his health improve and we are grateful for every advancement he has made. Adonis is a world champion in the ring and continues to exhibit strength and perseverance in his rehabilitation.”

Simone also says that Stevenson is making progress with his speech, after being largely unable to talk since his injury.

“Additionally, I am happy to share that Adonis is beginning to verbally communicate and is able to speak to our family, friends and his medical team. At this time, I am confident that our ‘Superman’ will make a full recovery. On behalf of Adonis and our family, I thank you once again for your messages and ongoing support. We are truly humbled by your love and well wishes.”

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