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By On May 7th, 2013

Riddell Ignored Warning About Concussion Risks

In the conversation surrounding the NFL and Riddell’s brain injury litigation, there seem to be two camps of extremists. There are those that stand behind the mantra “they knew what they were signing up for” and ignore the possibility that the league and game are putting players in unnecessary danger, and then there are those…


By On April 11th, 2013

Arkansas Signs Unusual Youth-Concussion Law

In the past two three years, the majority of states have passed legislation governing youth concussions, and especially how they are managed in sports. As of April 5th, Arkansas joined that ever growing group, becoming the 44th state to adopt a youth-concussion law. The law, signed by Gov. Mike Beebe, probably isn’t what you think…


By On March 25th, 2013

NFL Changes Rules on Helmet Hits

The NFL is making a lot of changes this off-season in an attempt to fight the brain injury problem plaguing their current and former players. First, they announced they would add neurologists to their sideline medical team for better immediate diagnosis, which we now know will also be aided by special iPad apps. Then, the…


By On March 19th, 2013

American Academy of Neurology Releases New Guidelines For TBI

If you still don’t believe brain injury is a serious issue, consider that more than a million American athletes experience a brain injury every year, and every one of those injuries dramatically ups the chances of that individual suffering long-term brain damage. Some aren’t lucky enough to get a second chance and receive permanent brain damage after their…


By On March 18th, 2013

Ex-NFL Player Brian Westbrook Spreads Brain Injury Awareness

Since the end of the season the number of current and former professional football players speaking out about brain injury and the NFL has dwindled to the short comments some higher profile players are forced to give to over-eager paparazzi, but this month a few retired grid iron vets have worked to spread awareness in the…


By On March 7th, 2013

Sub-Concussive Hits Are Causing Serious Brain Damage

It is no secret that the NFL has a brain injury problem. The issue has been covered by pretty much every major new source, and high profile deaths and suicides linked to repeated brain damage has kept the topic at the forefront of sports and health discussions. All this time, the finger has been pointed…


By On February 28th, 2013

New Study Says Soccer Headers May Be Causing TBI

Soccer has a concussion problem rivaling that of the NFL, but it is less publicized because American’s just don’t seem to care about soccer and sadly the fact that majority of TBI sufferers in the sport are female may be contributing to the low profile. Most likely, these incidents of traumatic brain injury aren’t coming…


By On February 25th, 2013

The NFL Implements Sideline iPad App For TBI Testing

Though the ImPACT test has been used by the NFL for the past few years, the NFL hasn’t been able to implement the use of an objective testing method for traumatic brain injury on the sidelines. In the coming season, it appears that will change. As NFL.com announced, the league will begin using iPads and…


By On February 22nd, 2013

Neck Strength is a Predictor of TBI Risk in Athletes

It has long been suspected that neck strength played a role in determining how susceptible a person is to brain injury, especially considering females have consistently had higher concussion rates than males in sports such as soccer and lacrosse. The idea is pretty simple, the stronger your neck is, the more stable it will keep…

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