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By On January 23rd, 2013

Young Athletes Risk Serious Injury By Playing Post-TBI

When people think about concussions or traumatic brain injury, the most widely held assumption is that it requires hitting your head against something else, whether it be the ground, or the inside of a helmet during a collision. That is what Blake Lee thought. The 17-year-old was in the middle of a soccer game in…


By On December 6th, 2012

Football and Brain Damage: Who is Responsible?

The biggest paradox in dealing with the rising knowledge of football related traumatic brain injury is handling how to move the sport forward in a safe way. The reason football is so loved is it’s rough, heavy-hitting nature. The high stakes, and unbelievable collisions and tackles make up a huge part of the reason fans…


By On December 5th, 2012

Sports Injuries are Much More Common Than Reported

One of the biggest issues for sports teams is the failure to report injuries, especially if they aren’t physically debilitating. This is a big problem as we find out just how common traumatic brain injuries are for athletes. Reporting possible TBI means being pulled from a game, and possibly practice, for longer than most athletes…

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