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By On May 30th, 2018

Former Ravens running back shares what it’s really like living with permanent brain trauma

For many former professional football players, the question surrounding their future isn’t if chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) will affect their lives. The question is when it will start destroying their memory, make them quicker to lose their temper, and when the suicidal thoughts will begin. At just 38 years old, former Ravens running back Jamal…


By On January 14th, 2014

NFL settlement stalled by judge

The settlement between the National Football League and former players has been stalled by the actions of the judge pending further evaluation of the settlement. Originally the players asked for $2billion and agreed to a $765 million settlement pending approval by the judge. The settlement to players was based on severity of the problems they…


By On June 18th, 2013

Why Isn’t The MLB Protecting Pitchers From Brain Injury

When you think of baseball, most people don’t think about brain injuries. With high profile more violent sports like hockey and football, baseball seems incredibly innocent and peaceful, aside from the occasional fights that break out on the field. Maybe this is why the vast majority of the players on the field do not wear…


By On January 25th, 2013

Are The New CTE Findings Really “The Holy Grail”?

The news that a group of researchers at UCLA have found a protein in the brain of living patients linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, is being treated as “the holy grail”, but many are ignoring just how early the findings are and how far we have to go in understanding the connection. The…

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