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By On September 8th, 2017

Surprise – Professional fighters show signs of brain injury and CTE

Before football’s “concussions crisis”, brain injuries were associated with a different violent sport – fighting. The effect of repeated blows to the head during boxing or other forms of fighting was well-recognized as “boxer’s dementia pugilistica,” even before CTE was ever discovered in an autopsy. However, the recent focus on football – America’s most popular…


By On January 22nd, 2016

Apple Pie or Violence: Which is the American Tradition? Part Two of Our Interview with Ray Ciancaglini

In Part Two of our conversation with Ray Ciancaglini, we explore the connection between violence and brain injury in sports. Sports related concussion is an ongoing theme here on NeuroNotes. We want to capture different views of concussion. The following interview shares perspective on sports as a cause of brain injury. Are we hooked on violence?…

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