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By On January 27th, 2017

NFL Says Concussions Were Down In 2016, But Were They Really?

Several recent reports have shown that the number of diagnosed concussions in high school and college sports have been quickly rising. But, this news is often seen positively. It is seen as a reflection of better awareness and identification of brain injuries when they happen, while many concussions have been completely ignored in the past.…


By On October 29th, 2014

Dr. Robert Cantu Talks On Brain Injuries In Youth Soccer

Dr. Robert Cantu is widely considered on of the nation’s top experts on concussions and brain trauma, especially within youth sports. As the chief of neurosurgery at Emerson Hospital and co-director of Boston University’s Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, Cantu has regularly pushed for greater safety practices in youth football and other sports.…


By On September 11th, 2014

Can a Breathalyzer Type Test Detect Brain Injuries?

One of the most persistent issues following the heightened focus on preventing and better treating brain injuries, both in and outside of sports, is the lack of objective test to diagnose the condition. While multiple groups of researchers have created potential objective means of diagnosing the condition, none have come to fruition and the only…


By On August 13th, 2014

Tony Stewart, Anger, and Brain Injuries in Racing

The world of racing is still reeling from the tragic events that occurred over the weekend, and questions are rising quickly. Kevin Ward Jr. was bumped into a wall by Tony Stewart during a dirt track race at Canandaigua Motorsports Park on Saturday night. Infuriated, Ward got out of his car and walked out onto…


By On March 24th, 2014

Can You Suffer a Concussion With No Symptoms?

Despite recent headlines proclaiming otherwise, we are still years away from a definitive test for concussions or traumatic brain injuries reaching the markets and the hands of healthcare professionals. Without a reliable diagnostic test, we are forced to identify and treat mild traumatic brain injuries based on symptoms such as headache, nausea, memory problems, dizziness,…


By On February 28th, 2014

10 Facts You May Not Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries may be making headlines around the nation, but the public is still woefully under-informed about the reality of brain injuries. The majority of concussion and TBI reporting and education is focused on athletics, even though traumatic brain injuries are known as the “signature injury” for veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and…

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