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By On January 15th, 2014

Federal Judge Refuses To Approve NFL Brain Injury Settlement

Everyone pretty much assumed the NFL’s widely-reported $765 million settlement with former players over brain injury was a done-deal. The reports made it appear that the players were happy with the compensation, and the league was certainly happy to not have to take any responsibility for the high levels of long-term brain damage being found…


By On October 30th, 2012

Will Calling Cheerleading A Sport Prevent Injuries?

On October 22, 2012, a group of American pediatricians suggested that cheerleading be finally designated an official sport. While this has many women across the country feeling vindicated, the reasons behind the recommendation are a little less pleasant. The doctors believe marking cheerleading as an official sport will help prevent injuries that occur from cheerleading…


By On December 1st, 2011

Pennsylvania Enacts Concussion Laws for Young Athletes

The Pennsylvania State Senate recently approved legislation that would require student athletes who show symptoms of a concussion to be removed from play until they are cleared by a medical professional. Additionally, coaches will be required to complete concussion certification courses and parents and guardians will have to read and sign documents that educate them…


By On October 13th, 2011

Brain Injury Risk Makes Boxing Down and Out for Youth?

Individuals who play contact sports are at a higher risk for brain injuries. We’ve talked before about the attention football has received in recent months due to the brain injury risk it poses for its players, and now the spotlight has fallen on boxing due to the serious brain injury threat it presents for its…

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