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By On December 10th, 2018

New research suggests dialysis may cause progressive brain injury

Treatment for kidney failure may soon involve brain injury management, as a new study shows that dialysis is linked to short-term ‘cerebral stunting’ and long-term progressive brain injury when undergoing years of treatment. The Baltimore injury law firm said that they had a lot of cases where people got kidney injuries and later developed brain…


By On June 8th, 2018

What does the Triple Crown have to do with concussions?

This weekend, millions will be watching as jockey Mike Smith rides Justify in an attempt to win a Triple Crown. However, few are prepared in the event of a head injury on the track. Unlike the majority of sports these days, horse racing still continues without the protection of a concussion protocol for jockeys, despite…


By On March 3rd, 2017

Welcome back Michael Mason

We are thrilled to welcome back Michael Mason to the NRI and Brookhaven Hospital team! Michael made many contributions during his previous eight year tenure here, including the launch of our blog, NeuroNotes. He is the author of Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and its Aftermath, published in 2008, which Oliver Sacks described at…

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