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By On May 24th, 2013

Homeless Men Face a 400 Times Higher Risk of Brain Injury

It is far from news that homeless people have heightened risk of rain injuries, but hearing just how much higher the risk is can still be awfully startling. The newest statistics from Canadian researchers suggest that homeless males who drink heavily have a four hundred percent higher chance of suffering a brain injury than the…


By On April 1st, 2013

44.3% of All Canada’s Childhood TBI Cases Are Caused By Hockey

If you think football is the only sport having major brain injury issues, you haven’t been playing close enough attention to the headlines lately. Soccer, boxing, basketball, and of course, hockey have been dealing with new concussion research coming out amping up our understanding of how dangerous traumatic brain injury is. Pretty much every Canadian…


By On March 4th, 2013

Canadians Support Bodychecking Ban For Youth Hockey

America has been busy reforming youth football rules to protect their children from the brain injuries damaging the professionals, but Canada is also considering revising their favorite sport’s rules for youth leagues. Search “concussion” into Google News and it will be immediately clear for anyone that can read that hockey is dealing with just as…


By On October 26th, 2012

New Tech May Allow Coma Patients to Communicate

On October 25, 2012 Dr. Damian Cruse will be the guest speaker for an event at the New Beginnings Brain Injury Association of Chatham-Kent in Ontario, Canada. The worker for the Centre of Brain and Mind at London’s Western University hopes to unveil new technology that allows comatose brain injury patients to communicate in a…

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