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By On December 3rd, 2013

Dr. Theresa Pape Explores Severe TBI In Short Documentary Series

Yesterday neuro.RAPT, an independent film collaborative group focused on science, medicine, wellbeing, and community, shared the first of a four part bi-weekly “docu-byte” series focused on Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. For those like me a bit confused by the description given by The Chicago Tribune, docu-byte means the same thing as documentary here. The series…


By On March 20th, 2013

Can Acupuncture Ease Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms?

Medical treatment for traumatic brain injury symptoms consists pretty much entirely of resting and using over the counter medication to manage headaches and migraines, or antidepressants to manage emotional issues connected to TBI. Unless there was significant physical injury such as extreme swelling, there simply isn’t a lot of active treatment that can be done.…


By On February 26th, 2013

Mayo Clinic Offers TBI Information

The Mayo Clinic is one of the leading sources for traumatic brain injury information, as well as numerous other health concerns. They are such a respected organization that they regularly answer readers’ questions in the Chicago Tribune in a column called Medical Edge from Mayo Clinic and one recent question shows both how widespread the…

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