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By On October 29th, 2018

Study claims dyslexia may protect against concussions

Researchers have been exploring every possible lead when it comes to understanding why some people appear to be more susceptible to concussions compared to others. Now, they may have finally uncovered a clue that could have significant implications for how we view brain injuries entirely. As study co-author Dr. Hans Breiter explains in the Journal…


By On May 16th, 2018

Know how to protect your child from TBI [Infographic]

Children’s brains are constantly changing and growing. Unfortunately, that means they are also more vulnerable to brain injuries and can be more susceptible to long-term effects of concussions or traumatic brain injuries. This is why it is so important for parents to not only able to recognize the signs of concussions in kids but also…


By On May 24th, 2017

Helmets can’t cure the head injury epidemic in football

Every summer I read about a new line of helmets promising to protect athletes from concussions, especially on the football field. They promise state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge new safety innovations, such as the recent inclusion of motion sensors to monitor hits taken by athletes. The only problem is, they overpromise what they can achieve…


By On April 12th, 2017

Head Impact Sensors May Not Be As Useful As Advertised

As the threat of concussions and the associated long-term brain risks or repeated head trauma looming, many sports organizations are turning to new advanced technology in an attempt to keep their athletes safe. Most recently, this has included the growing use of impact measurement systems that claim to alert staff on the sidelines when a…


By On March 20th, 2017

Tackling Education May Protect Young Athletes From More Severe Concussions

  Across the country, schools have adopted regulations dictating what happens to young football players after they are believed to have experienced a concussion. But, many schools and sports organizations have also been adopting new tackling rules and training programs in hopes they can prevent concussions entirely. According to new data released at the American Orthopaedic…


By On March 17th, 2017

Ray Ciancaglini “Keeps on Punching”

Ray Ciancaglini is a wonderful friend to us here at NeuroNotes. Ray is a tireless advocate for concussions awareness and prevention of The Second Impact Syndrome. A retired boxer living with the long-term effects of multiple concussions, Ray has made preventing other athletes from experiencing the problems associated with multiple concussions his Number 1 priority.…

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