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By On September 15th, 2016

Do Higher Altitudes Reduce Concussion Risk? This Study Says No

While recent research has shed a great deal of light onto the mechanisms underlying concussions, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the common brain injuries. A new study set out to dispel one such misleading claim that playing sports at higher altitudes reduces athletes’ risk of concussions. As the findings published this month…


By On April 26th, 2016

Chyna’s brain to be studied for CTE

Chyna’s brain will be studied by Bennet Omalu,MD according to a spokesperson, Anthony Anzalo. Chyna, or Joan Lauer, was known for her role as one of the first women in professional wresting and later as an actor and entertainer. She is believed to have experienced many concussions in the wresting ring which contributed to her…


By On May 1st, 2014

Custom-Made Mouthguards May Help Prevent Sports-Related Brain Injuries

Mouthguards play several important roles for athletes, especially in aggressive contact sports. The most obvious benefit is protecting your teeth and preventing mouth injuries. They can also reduce the risk of jaw injuries. In case of any mouth injuries, the dentist has described how to treat them in the www.alluredental.com/dental-implants/ blog that has been found…

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