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By On August 2nd, 2018

Tricking Baseline Concussion Testing May Easier Then Thought

One of the biggest tools schools and sports organizations have been using to identify concussions may not be as fool-proof as previously believed according to a new study from researchers at Butler University. Over the past years, teams and organizations have been adopting the Immediate-Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test, better known as the ImPACT…


By On May 1st, 2017

High School Athletes Continue To Underreport Concussion Symptoms

The past years have seen great strides in concussion education for high school athletes. Now, most football players (as well as athletes in other contact sports) receiving training on the symptoms, long-term risks, and prevention techniques for concussions at the start of each season. Unfortunately, a new study suggests many athletes are still falling through…


By On February 22nd, 2017

NASCAR Stars Talk About Concussions Before Daytona 500

Following the announcement of NASCAR’s new concussion regulations, it is no surprise concussions were a popular topic at the Daytona 500 media day. Several riders were asked about their opinions on the new rules and the upcoming return of Dale Earnhardt Jr. at the major race. Most notably, racing superstar Danica Patrick spoke at length…


By On April 4th, 2016

Equestrian Sports Are The Leading Cause of Sports-Related TBI

When we talk about brain injuries in sports, most people think about football, or possibly hockey. Maybe if you are more of a traditionalist you think of boxing, where chronic traumatic encephalopathy first started being recognized. These sports stay at the heart of the conversation of how to protect athlete’s brains. Despite this, a new…


By On December 14th, 2015

Athletes Face Higher Risk For Other Injuries After A Concussion

In the past few years, much attention has been paid to the long-term mental and physical risks of traumatic brain injury, especially in football. In the noise, it can be forgotten that brain injuries also carry serious short-term side-effects and symptoms that can be debilitating. Despite chronic headaches, nausea, blurred vision, and cognitive difficulties, a…


By On February 20th, 2015

Big 12 Conference Enacts Strict New Concussion Policy

On Wednesday, the Big 12 announced new expanded rules for diagnosing and managing concussions for student-athletes. The policy was approved by the Big 12 Board of Directors, and was “developed by athletic trainers, physicians, and medical support staff.” “The Big 12 is fully committed to the health and welfare of its student-athletes,” said Big 12…

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