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By On February 23rd, 2018

Former NFL Player says he’s had 2,500 concussions

When professional athletes are asked how many concussions they’ve had, they tend to lowball. Often, you’ll hear “four or five” or the athlete will shrug off the question with “I don’t know”. Almost never do you get told a number more than 10 – in even the most extreme cases. When former professional football player…


By On December 29th, 2017

NFL announces sudden changes to the league’s concussion protocol

In light of growing criticism of the league’s handling of concussions on the field this year, the NFL has made some last-minute changes to its concussion protocol – including placing a central unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant (UNC) in the league’s “command center” for all games. The new rules and changes were quietly approved December 11th by…


By On November 15th, 2017

Elite high school football players shrug off concussion concerns

There is no denying that high school football players these days know much more about brain injuries than their predecessors. Between the new concussion-related rules they have to follow, required pre-season education classes, and the constant discussions in the media, teen athletes are given a wealth of information regarding how to identify concussions and their…


By On June 26th, 2017

Stanford football team uses VR to catch concussions as they happen

Concussions remain one of the most pressing issues for the world of football, with no easy answers in sight. To help protect their players, many leagues and teams of all levels have been turning to advanced technology like high-tech helmets, collision monitoring systems, and computerized concussion assessment tools designed to identify concussions when they happen.…

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