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By On August 15th, 2013

Simple Concussion Tool Offers an Alternative to High Tech Tests

Football season is gearing up for high school and college athletes across the country, renewing concerns over repeated head impacts and traumatic brain injuries or concussions. Even over the past year, tons of advancements have been made in managing brain injuries, and research has unearthed extensive information as to how our brains function and react…


By On August 2nd, 2013

Congress Attempts to Legislate NCAA Concussion Management

While a lawsuit is questioning the NCAA’s method of handling brain injury in federal court, Congress is stepping in to attempt to protect the brains of college level athletes in contact sports. Two members of Congress introduced legislation on Thursday, August 1st, that would mandate that colleges perform baseline concussion testing on athletes who play…


By On August 2nd, 2013

Upcoming Film Looks at Future of Football

After seeing only the seven minute trailer for an upcoming documentary film about football, I won’t view the sport the same way again.  “Gladiators: The Uncertain Future of American Football” is a documentary that explores the history of football and the current state of the sport in light of all of the emerging knowledge about…


By On July 9th, 2013

Judge Orders Mediation In NFL Brain Injury Lawsuit

Anyone following the lawsuits between over 4,000 current and retired football players and the NFL is looking forward to hearing a ruling from U.S. District Judge Anita B. Brody on whether the lawsuits can proceed or whether they would be dismissed due to collective bargaining agreements within the league. Those waiting, should also be prepared…


By On May 10th, 2013

See How Helmets Are Tested For TBI Prevention

By now, everyone interested in sports-based brain injuries is well aware of the contentious debate about the effectiveness of helmets in preventing TBI. While big organizations and decreasing numbers of researchers argue that helmets can protect players from traumatic brain injury, more and more scientists are arguing that helmets only protect against skull injuries, not…


By On April 29th, 2013

Is the NCAA Better Than The NFL At Fighting TBI?

Many keeping up with brain injuries in football, myself included, have considered rule changes as an unlikely solution to the huge numbers of concussions on the field, because we have assumed that decreasing the level of violence in the sport would upset many of the biggest fans. In the real world, the NCAA has already…


By On April 15th, 2013

Riddell Loses Colorado Brain Injury Lawsuit

A recent court decision could have serious implications for the NFL as a judge has awarded a $3.1 million judgment to a brain damaged Colorado high school student and his family. The case was against Riddell, the NFL’s official helmet supplier, and claimed the company failed to adequately warn users of the risks of concussions.…


By On April 3rd, 2013

Major Shakeups In NFL Concussion Litigation

The past week has seen some pretty big shakeups in the lawsuits against the NFL by former players. Over 4,000 former athletes have filed lawsuits related to traumatic brain injury, accusing the NFL of hiding the risks from the players and glorifying the violence on the field. One of the most talked about suits against…

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