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By On June 27th, 2016

CTE confirmed in college athlete’s death by suicide

We previously wrote a blog about Kosta Karageorge right after his tragic death in 2014. Karageorge was an Ohio State football player and former wrestler whose life ended with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. After sending a few texts to his girlfriend, then his mother, Karageorge, climbed into a dumpster in an alley near his apartment, and…


By On January 22nd, 2016

Apple Pie or Violence: Which is the American Tradition? Part Two of Our Interview with Ray Ciancaglini

In Part Two of our conversation with Ray Ciancaglini, we explore the connection between violence and brain injury in sports. Sports related concussion is an ongoing theme here on NeuroNotes. We want to capture different views of concussion. The following interview shares perspective on sports as a cause of brain injury. Are we hooked on violence?…


By On April 28th, 2015

Another Son Lost: Football, CTE and Suicide

As a mother, when your child is born, you never imagine his life ending with a death by suicide while you sit helpless on the other end of the phone line.  This is what happened to Karen Kinzle Zegel when she received a phone call from her son, Patrick, 32 years old, as he calmly…


By On June 25th, 2014

NFL Agrees to Open-Ended Settlement In Concussion Lawsuit

Football fans and those of us with heightened interests in traumatic brain injuries have been anxiously waiting for the resolution in the concussion lawsuits filed against the NFL. After a settlement in which the league would pay $765 million was agreed to in August of 2013, it seemed the issue was close to a conclusion.…


By On March 26th, 2014

Navy Football Player Dies After Falling Into Coma During Practice

Over the weekend, Navy football player Will McKamey was hospitalized after collapsing during practice. The 19-year-old freshman running back and Fourth Class Midshipman fell into a coma, and three days days later the Naval Academy Superintendent VADM Mike Miller has confirmed the McKamey has died. Despite his family releasing a statement that McKamey did not…


By On February 1st, 2014

Will Football go the way of Gladiators?

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and people who are excited about the big game probably don’t want to think about the uncertain future of the sport.  Ben Orlando, the creator of an interesting podcast called “History Repeating Itself,” is exploring the possibility that football will suffer a similar demise to the gladiator sport of ancient…


By On September 9th, 2013

America Tonight Maps All College Football Concussions This Season

The college and professional football seasons are now underway, and with them the debate about concussion safety and treatment in sports returns to the forefront of many peoples’ minds. President Obama has even issued statements on the issue, such as opining that the NCAA needed to do more to protect college football players from concussion.…

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