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By On April 17th, 2015

George Visger: “Out of my Head: My Life In and Out of Football”

NeuroNotes has reported on the problem of sports concussions over the recent years and has focused on the problems experienced by athletes who have had multiple concussions. Recently we wrote about Chris Borland’s sudden retirement and his concern for life devastating injury from the sport. Borland walked away from an extremely lucrative contract to save…


By On November 8th, 2013

Ridley Scott to Direct Movie About Concussions in Football

Frontline’s League of Denial may have been the biggest film dealing with the issue of brain injury in professional football so far, but don’t expect it to be the last. There are several other documentaries addressing the issue and the more recent revelations that have come out since production of League of Denial ended, and…


By On October 14th, 2013

Troy Aikman Gives His Thoughts on Concussions and Recent Documentary

Last week ESPN finally showed the world their documentary League of Denial which took aim at the way the NFL has handled brain injuries and player safety within their league with seemingly shady tactics. Amid accusations of actively attacking scientists publishing papers with unfavorable findings, obscuring the truth from players, refusing to answer questions, and…


By On October 9th, 2013

League of Denial Shows How The NFL Covered Up Brain Injuries

Almost everyone in the United States is aware of the NFL’s “concussion problem.” It has been hard to avoid the news surrounding the massive lawsuit brought by over 4,000 former NFL players and the subsequent settlement, or the tragic suicides of former heroes. Still, the details contained within the latest PBS Frontline special League of…


By On October 9th, 2013

Holding the NFL Accountable

The Frontline program “League of Denial” aired last night, and put forth a very strong case to prove its title.  It seems clear to me that the National Football League has been in denial for many years about the mounting scientific evidence of the connection between participating in the sport of football and brain injury. …


By On August 26th, 2013

ESPN Pulls Out of Documentary Covering Brain Injury in the NFL

ESPN announced last Friday that it has asked to have its logos and credit removed from an episode of the PBS series “Frontline” set to air in October. The episode examines brain injuries within professional football and the way the National Football League has responded to the issue. “League of Denial” was created over the…

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