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By On March 25th, 2015

Craig Phillips tackles self-esteem after brain injury

The issue of recovery of self after brain injury is important to the person with a brain injury, their family and loved ones and rehabilitation professionals. Following a brain injury, many are confronted with a profound and complex loss of identity and social role. As we consider the realities of living with a brain injury,…


By On November 13th, 2014

The faces and voices of brain injury

I came across this YouTube video produced by the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington. I found the video provided real voices of people living with brain injury and their family members to talk about brain injury and how it has affected their lives. I know that the readers of NeuroNotes are familiar with brain injury…


By On November 5th, 2014

Roger Goodell Action Figure, batteries sold separately

I attended the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Gala event last Saturday night. Roger Goodell got on our elevator, accompanied by security, and pleasantly asked my daughter, myself and my son who were attired in evening clothes if we were attending the Gala, too. Our brief encounter in the elevator was pleasant enough, even with…

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