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By On June 11th, 2014

Acquired Savant Syndrome Baffles and Intrigues Us All

The majority of traumatic brain injuries (including concussions) heal quickly and leave little to no lasting damage if handled appropriately. The rest of brain injuries tend to vary between moderately severe to extremely severe, with health ramifications to match. But, every once in a very rare while, brain injuries bring out something that the injured…


By On March 20th, 2013

The Mayo Clinic Finds Physiological Response To Brain Injury

In the past few months it has been discovered that there are likely biomarkers in the blood signaling when a traumatic brain injury, there are new ways to identify brain injury with advanced scans, and there are countless apps coming out helping diagnose TBI, yet an unambiguous diagnostic method still eludes us. In the continuing…


By On March 19th, 2013

American Academy of Neurology Releases New Guidelines For TBI

If you still don’t believe brain injury is a serious issue, consider that more than a million American athletes experience a brain injury every year, and every one of those injuries dramatically ups the chances of that individual suffering long-term brain damage. Some aren’t lucky enough to get a second chance and receive permanent brain damage after their…

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