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By On March 5th, 2018

Brett Favre says he suffered concussions from 90% of tackles

Brett Favre has infamously only been knocked out once in his 20-year professional football career. The moment came on his very last play, capping off a record-breaking career with a devastating blow. However, it wasn’t his only concussion. Losing consciousness is considered one of the trademark signs of a concussion, but loss-of-consciousness only occurs in…


By On August 1st, 2017

NFL and NIH end agreement to fund brain injury research

Nearly five years ago, the NFL responded to intense scrutiny over its handling of concussions and high-profile suicides like that of linebacker Junior Seau by publicly committing to donate $30 million to the National Institutes of Health for brain research. At the time, it helped to quell strong criticism and give the NFL the chance…


By On March 10th, 2017

NFL Tight End Jordan Cameron Retires Over Concussion Concerns

Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron seemed determined to return to the NFL next year, but after four concussions he has decided it is time to call it quits. “I started thinking about concussions too much,” Cameron, 28, told ESPN. “You can’t play football like that.” The athlete has spent six seasons playing professionally in…

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