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By On May 16th, 2013

Headset Identifies Brain Trauma With Electromagnetic Waves

A headset that identifies oedemas and haematomas in brain trauma patients through the sending and receiving of electromagnetic signals is the latest solution to the traumatic brain injury epidemic sweeping the country. This specific product hopes to provide a fast and cheap diagnosis method for those in rural areas who may not have access to…


By On April 1st, 2013

44.3% of All Canada’s Childhood TBI Cases Are Caused By Hockey

If you think football is the only sport having major brain injury issues, you haven’t been playing close enough attention to the headlines lately. Soccer, boxing, basketball, and of course, hockey have been dealing with new concussion research coming out amping up our understanding of how dangerous traumatic brain injury is. Pretty much every Canadian…


By On March 7th, 2013

Sub-Concussive Hits Are Causing Serious Brain Damage

It is no secret that the NFL has a brain injury problem. The issue has been covered by pretty much every major new source, and high profile deaths and suicides linked to repeated brain damage has kept the topic at the forefront of sports and health discussions. All this time, the finger has been pointed…


By On February 28th, 2013

New Study Says Soccer Headers May Be Causing TBI

Soccer has a concussion problem rivaling that of the NFL, but it is less publicized because American’s just don’t seem to care about soccer and sadly the fact that majority of TBI sufferers in the sport are female may be contributing to the low profile. Most likely, these incidents of traumatic brain injury aren’t coming…


By On January 14th, 2013

New Research Published On The Long-Term Effects Of TBI

A lot of what we know about the long term affects of traumatic brain injury has been gathered by studying brain of the deceased, and working backwards from there. Very little research has been published up until recently about the long term outcomes of TBI in living people. Now, researchers from the University of South…

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