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By On August 28th, 2018

Chris Nowinski talks concussions in sports on recent podcast

If anyone can claim the title of being a brain injury expert, it is Chris Nowinski. He played football while studying at Harvard. Then, he went on to become a professional wrestler until a brain injury derailed his career. Rather than let his story end there, Nowinski then got a doctorate in behavioral neuroscience, wrote…


By On March 5th, 2014

The Decline of Football: Rolf B. Gainer is interviewed

  Our Chief Executive Officer, Rolf B. Gainer, PhD was interviewed by Ben Orlando for his podcast, “History Repeating Itself.”  In talking about brain injury as a result of football, Dr. Gainer referenced a study conducted by Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis involving inmates on death row.  It is beginning to be recognized that brain injury…


By On February 17th, 2014

Will football have a similar demise to boxing?

Ben Orlando’s podcast, “History Repeating Itself,” compares football to the sport of boxing in Episode 1, Part 2: The Decline of Football and Boxing.  At one time, boxing rivaled baseball as America’s number one sport.  As the brutality of the sport became a concern, people called for an end to it in high schools and…

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