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By On June 10th, 2016

Blast wave exposure in combat linked to PTSD

A  study published on Thursday in The Lancet Neurology has linked tissue damage to blast injuries, further connecting PTSD to changes in the brain and not solely a psychological response to exposure to battle. Of the 2.5 million United States service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, a 2008 study by the RAND…


By On July 18th, 2014

“Shell Shock to Palali Syndrome- PTSD Sri Lankan Experience”: A new book by Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge

Dr. Ruwan Jayatunge has been a frequent contributor to our blog, NeuroNotes.  His experience includes work as a psychiatrist in Sri Lanka specializing in the treatment of traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Dr. Jayatunge has extensive experience working with soldiers and prisoners of war.  Dr. Jayatunge has written a book, “Shell Shock to…


By On April 25th, 2014

TBI is a Significant Risk Factor for PTSD in Veterans

Many have noted the association between traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among veterans. Now, there are findings that confirm military personnel who suffer TBI during active duty are at a significantly heightened risk of developing PTSD over time. The study, led by researchers from the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System…


By On December 19th, 2013

VA Sort of Steps Forward – 1st TBI Presumptive Illness List

On December 16th, 2013, the Veterans Administration (VA) took a major step forward in addressing the issues veterans face in their lives after experiencing combat related brain injuries. It was announced through the office of Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Veterans already receiving benefits for traumatic brain injury (TBI), identified with secondary illnesses…


By On October 7th, 2013

VA Suicides: When did it become Ethical to do nothing?

Many would agree that one of the most disturbing trends regarding veterans and mental health has been the rising number of suicides.   What is more troubling is that the Department of Defense (DOD), Veterans Administration (VA) and the US Senate and Congress have consistently acknowledged the suicides of veterans as a serious issue for the…

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