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By On January 12th, 2015

George Visger: Working to make football safer

You would think that George Visger would be vehemently anti-football considering his multiple brain surgeries as a result of football-related concussions. But, instead Visger still loves football and just wants to make the sport safer to prevent other players from having to experience the life effects that he has from multiple concussions and subsequent surgeries.…


By On November 11th, 2014

Is Goodell in Double Jeopardy?

Was Ray Rice punished twice for the inexcusable abuse of his then fiancée and current wife, Janay?  One side says “yes” and the other “no”.  Last week, National Football League (NFL) Commissioner, Roger Goodell, testified in court in front of a federal judge who will decide if Rice’s suspension will be overturned or upheld.   After…


By On November 5th, 2014

Roger Goodell Action Figure, batteries sold separately

I attended the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Gala event last Saturday night. Roger Goodell got on our elevator, accompanied by security, and pleasantly asked my daughter, myself and my son who were attired in evening clothes if we were attending the Gala, too. Our brief encounter in the elevator was pleasant enough, even with…


By On March 14th, 2013

Recapping The Latest News In TBI Research

In late February, I predicted that this year will be a historic year for brain injury research, and so far scientists seem determined to prove that prediction true. The past two weeks have been packed with huge findings about traumatic brain injury, and none of them are good news to Roger Goodell or anyone else…


By On February 11th, 2013

Goodell Refuses To Admit The Link Between TBI and the NFL

When discussing the NFL and its connection with traumatic brain injury, it is often hard to go unbiased. If you love football before you hear about the research, you will likely keep loving football. They knew it was dangerous before they stepped on the field, right? However, if you weren’t a particularly big fan of…

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