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By On December 29th, 2017

NFL announces sudden changes to the league’s concussion protocol

In light of growing criticism of the league’s handling of concussions on the field this year, the NFL has made some last-minute changes to its concussion protocol – including placing a central unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant (UNC) in the league’s “command center” for all games. The new rules and changes were quietly approved December 11th by…


By On March 21st, 2016

NFL Owners Make Concussions A Top Priority

In the past, the NFL may have hidden from the issue of traumatic brain injuries in professional football. That isn’t the case any longer, according to one NFL team owner. Speaking before the league’s owners meetings this week, New York Giants owner John Mara told reporters that concussions and CTE would be a major concern…


By On February 22nd, 2016

The Impact of Brain Injuries In The NFL [Infographic]

It is no secret that football has a concussion problem. Between lawsuits, high-profile retirements, and controversial deaths, the impact of head injuries in both professional and amateur football has been massive in the past few years alone. But how severe is the problem of brain injuries in football? An infographic recently shared by Rosenfeld Injury…


By On September 21st, 2015

87 of 91 Former NFL Players Test Positive For CTE

Out of 91 deceased former NFL players, 87 have been found to have a neurodegenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic brain injury (CTE), according to new data from the nation’s largest brain bank devoted to the study of traumatic brain injury. CTE has been at the heart of the controversy surrounding how the National…

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