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By On May 16th, 2018

Know how to protect your child from TBI [Infographic]

Children’s brains are constantly changing and growing. Unfortunately, that means they are also more vulnerable to brain injuries and can be more susceptible to long-term effects of concussions or traumatic brain injuries. This is why it is so important for parents to not only able to recognize the signs of concussions in kids but also…


By On February 22nd, 2016

The Impact of Brain Injuries In The NFL [Infographic]

It is no secret that football has a concussion problem. Between lawsuits, high-profile retirements, and controversial deaths, the impact of head injuries in both professional and amateur football has been massive in the past few years alone. But how severe is the problem of brain injuries in football? An infographic recently shared by Rosenfeld Injury…


By On July 13th, 2015

Get The Facts About Traumatic Brain Injuries [Infographic]

While it can be easy to think of traumatic brain injuries as just an injury affecting football players and veterans, it is important to remember TBI is much more widespread. Each year over 1.7 million people experience traumatic brain injuries. Over 52,000 of those individuals die and 275,000 individuals are hospitalized for their injuries. Traumatic…

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