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By On June 12th, 2018

5 Concussion Symptoms You May Not Know

These days, most people are aware of the most common signs of concussion – dizziness, nausea, confusion, and the classic (but surprisingly rare) loss of consciousness. However, concussions are complex injuries that can present themselves uniquely in each instance. While many will experience symptoms like dizziness and nausea, others may experience subtler or less commonplace…


By On June 24th, 2016

Headaches From TBI May Last Years After Injury

Headaches are a well-known symptom of traumatic brain injuries and concussions, but common knowledge would suggest these headaches usually last a week or a month at most. New research suggests these headaches may be more severe and last much longer than most people would think. According to findings recently presented at the American Headache Society…


By On July 3rd, 2014

What Causes Personality Changes After Brain Injuries?

Personality changes can be one of the most difficult symptoms for both brain injury sufferers and their loved ones to accept and manage. Brain injuries are associated with problems such as aggression, agitation, non-compliance, and depression, which are all enough on their own to greatly hamper one’s life. These issues can be improved and easier…


By On September 12th, 2013

Vision Problems Remain an Under Recognized Concussion Symptom

One of the biggest challenges health care professionals face when diagnosing concussions is the lack of objective diagnostic methods available. While new tools are coming out that aim to improve the objectivity of the traditional concussion tests, they still largely rely on the same techniques we have had for years. These new tests measure cognitive…

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