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By On June 25th, 2018

Concussion rates for high school students may be higher than believed

A new report from the CDC suggests more of the high school population have experienced a concussion than previously believed. According to the findings published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, approximately 15% of US. high schoolers – 2.5 million teenagers – self-reported having at least one concussion related to sports or physical activity over…


By On May 3rd, 2018

Are concussions causing leg injuries in young athletes?

There are many reasons it can be dangerous to return to sports or other physical activities too soon after a concussion, one of the most significant being the increased risk of more severe brain injuries. However, a new study indicates athletes may be vulnerable to other forms of injury you might not expect after a…


By On November 15th, 2017

Elite high school football players shrug off concussion concerns

There is no denying that high school football players these days know much more about brain injuries than their predecessors. Between the new concussion-related rules they have to follow, required pre-season education classes, and the constant discussions in the media, teen athletes are given a wealth of information regarding how to identify concussions and their…


By On July 12th, 2017

Do concussions affect women’s menstrual cycles?

Concussions can affect numerous parts of the body that might surprise people, like vision and hearing. But, a new study has potentially found one unforeseen side-effect that could have significant effects on young women with brain injuries. A new study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics shows that girls who have experienced a concussion are…


By On February 28th, 2017

Why Parent’s Shouldn’t Be Able To Say When Their Concussed Child Can “Return To Play”

In the past few years, state governments across the nation have passed countless laws and regulations aimed at protecting young athletes’ brains. Many of these bills are basically the same. Most commonly they designate that players are to be removed from practice and competition when they are suspected of having a concussion. Injured players can…


By On January 20th, 2017

High School Soccer Players See Increasing Concussion Rates

As football continues to face criticism for its handling of concussions and the long-term risks of playing the violent sport, many younger athletes and their parents are opting for “safer” alternatives. In the past few years, soccer has enjoyed a resurgence due to its perceived safety. Unfortunately, soccer has its own issues with concussions. A…


By On September 27th, 2016

A Record Number of Teens Are Being Diagnosed With Concussions

The number of concussion diagnoses made every year has reached record highs in the past few years, according to a new report from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The numbers suggest the increase in concussion awareness and new regulations in sports organizations have led to better monitoring and fewer missed brain injuries among athletes. The…

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