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By On August 7th, 2013

Football Has the Highest Concussion Rate in Youth Sports

A new report released Tuesday confirms what we’ve long suspected to be true; football has the highest concussion rate for all youth sports. Followed by wrestling and cheerleading, traumatic brain injury (TBI) sends young athletes to emergency rooms every 25 seconds. The “Game Changers” report studied the 14 most popular sports in the United States…


By On April 1st, 2013

44.3% of All Canada’s Childhood TBI Cases Are Caused By Hockey

If you think football is the only sport having major brain injury issues, you haven’t been playing close enough attention to the headlines lately. Soccer, boxing, basketball, and of course, hockey have been dealing with new concussion research coming out amping up our understanding of how dangerous traumatic brain injury is. Pretty much every Canadian…


By On February 25th, 2013

Cheerleading is Seeing a Rise in TBI

To those who haven’t been in high school since the 80’s and haven’t managed to see Bring It On on television at some point in their life, it may come as some surprise that cheerleading is one of the more dangerous physical activities available through school. Every year girls suffer broken bones, sprains, and brain…


By On January 23rd, 2013

Young Athletes Risk Serious Injury By Playing Post-TBI

When people think about concussions or traumatic brain injury, the most widely held assumption is that it requires hitting your head against something else, whether it be the ground, or the inside of a helmet during a collision. That is what Blake Lee thought. The 17-year-old was in the middle of a soccer game in…


By On November 2nd, 2012

5 Tips To Keep Youth Athletes Safe

Most parents worry about their children getting a head injury while playing sports, and that fear is far from unwarranted. The latest data actually shows an increase in emergency room visits for school-age athletes with brain injuries such as concussions in the past few years. This, of course, doesn’t mean we want to take our…


By On October 30th, 2012

Will Calling Cheerleading A Sport Prevent Injuries?

On October 22, 2012, a group of American pediatricians suggested that cheerleading be finally designated an official sport. While this has many women across the country feeling vindicated, the reasons behind the recommendation are a little less pleasant. The doctors believe marking cheerleading as an official sport will help prevent injuries that occur from cheerleading…

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