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By On September 5th, 2014

Rest Your Brain After Brain Injury, Not Just Your Body

Despite all of the improvements in how athletes respond to and manage brain injuries, the actual treatment for concussions and traumatic brain injuries has largely stayed the same. Even minor injuries should be carefully handled, similar to how a personal injury lawyer in Plymouth handles the case. People who suffer brain injuries are routinely prescribed…


By On February 7th, 2013

More Evidence Shows HBOT Treatment Can Stimulate Brain Healing

Most brain injury related discoveries lately have been focused on prevention and diagnosis, but there are also advancements being made in treating brain injury, as Israeli researchers have announced. This isn’t the first study supporting the idea that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can work wonders for TBI patients, but their study supports all the current evidence…


By On June 28th, 2012

Program for Incarcerated Teens Addresses TBI

A Texas program for incarcerated adolescents has incorporated TBI screening and treatment to address impulsive behaviors and a lack of self-control. Through a grant, the study will provide assessment and treatment and be coordinated with Wayne Gordon, Ph.D. through Mount Sinai in New York to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. The number of adult individuals with…

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