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By On October 18th, 2018

Pop Warner launches new online program to give young athletes a “CrashCourse” in concussions

In light of the growing concern about concussions and their long-term risks for developing CTE, the nation’s largest youth football organization has taken a number of steps to reduce the risk for their young athletes – such as enacting protocols to remove hurt athletes and banning kickoffs altogether for its youngest athletes. Now, the organization’s…


By On September 2nd, 2016

Pop Warner Football takes a hit on concussions

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Pop Warner, the youth football league, for neglecting to exercise caution and standards to prevent and manage concussions. Pop Warner has a relationship to Football USA, the youth division of the NFL. I remember my eldest son getting suited up for Pop Warner football when he was…


By On March 24th, 2015

Can Goggles Show Healthy People What a Concussion Is Like?

Concussions may be one of the most common brain injuries on the planet, but countless people will never experience what it feels like to have a brain injury. One company is working to change that. No, the company isn’t attempting to give everyone alive a brain injury. Instead Innocorp has designed a set of goggles they…


By On October 10th, 2014

Two New Studies Show Concussion Misconceptions Still Common Among Parents

There are a fair amount of misconceptions surrounding concussions, and Medical Xpress reports two new studies suggest these widespread misunderstandings and myths could be hindering the treatment and recovery of children who have experienced a brain injury. The two studies were presented today at a pre-conference symposium on pediatric sports medicine at the American Academy…


By On April 3rd, 2014

Concussions Are More Serious Than You Probably Think

It is crazy to think that just a few years ago a mild traumatic brain injury was considered an insignificant injury. Concussions are common in sports and athletes were raised in a culture that told them that “getting your bell rung” is just a part of the game. We’ve made great advancements in the short…

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