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By On September 29th, 2016

Nearly Symptom-less Dale Earnhardt Jr. Returns To The Racetrack

After months of rehabilitation from a brain injury, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will finally be appearing at major racing events this weekend – though he won’t be racing. The famous driver has not raced since early July, due to complicated and long-lasting post-concussion symptoms, and has already decided to sit out the rest of the season…


By On July 15th, 2016

NASCAR Star Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sidelined Due To Concussion

NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. is bowing out of a major upcoming race this weekend due to a possible concussion. Earnhardt’s team Hendrick Motorsports released a statement today saying the racer was not cleared by doctors for the upcoming Sprint Cup Series Event this weekend in New Hampshire due to “concussion-like symptoms.” “I wasn’t feeling…


By On April 26th, 2016

Chyna’s brain to be studied for CTE

Chyna’s brain will be studied by Bennet Omalu,MD according to a spokesperson, Anthony Anzalo. Chyna, or Joan Lauer, was known for her role as one of the first women in professional wresting and later as an actor and entertainer. She is believed to have experienced many concussions in the wresting ring which contributed to her…


By On October 24th, 2013

NASCAR Mandates Baseline Concussion Testing Starting in 2014

Following a high profile concussion in the sport last season, NASCAR is taking a page from other professional sports leagues and mandating baseline concussion testing beginning next season. Baseline tests are used so that if an athlete gets injured later in the season, there is a previous test to compare to. In this case, if…

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