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By On September 22nd, 2014

Michigan Brain Injury Conference Raises a Big Question

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend and present at the 34th Annual Fall Conference of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan (BIAMI). Attending brain injury events and gatherings is a regular part of the outreach efforts in working with our clients.  The Michigan conference offered a chance to experience what it takes,…


By On July 18th, 2013

Movie about a snowboarder with a TBI

I normally don’t watch much television and never anything about extreme sports, but last night I was channel surfing and noted that HBO was showing a movie “Crash Reel” about a snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, who received a Traumatic Brain Injury in the run-up events for the 2010 Olympics. I started watching this film and I…


By On February 26th, 2013

Extreme Winter Sports Need Brain Injury Regulation

It seems pretty obvious that extreme sports athletes are at a high risk for concussion. Just as 250 pound football players crashing into each other seems patently inclined to cause brain injury, young skiers and snowboarders launching themselves three stories in the air has a patent risk for crashes and traumatic brain injury. For a…

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