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By On March 11th, 2014

Can sports concussions be monitored?

Reebok unveiled a new device called Checklight which indicates if sufficient force to cause a concussion has been received by the wearer. The Checklight consists of a skullcap equipped with sensors to measure rotational forces and impact and provides information via green, yellow and red lights visible under the helmet. Selling for $150 the Checklight…


By On February 18th, 2013

Former NFL Players Promote Upcoming TBI Detection Cap

Last year I wrote about a product designed by Reebok and Massachusetts based company MC10 which was intended to help diagnose brain injuries in football players through a skullcap laced with sensors and strategically placed LED lights which indicate if there has been a possibly injury causing collision. Well according to SB Nation that product is being…


By On November 2nd, 2012

New Cap Provides Real Time Feedback On Head Impacts

Reebok and MC10, a startup from Massachusetts, have a new, easy way to measure impacts to the head in the form of an unobtrusive skullcap filled with sensors and stretchy electronics that can be worn alone, or under a helmet. The cap was announced October 24th, but won’t be fully revealed to the public until…

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