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By On July 22nd, 2015

Study Links Criminal Behavior With Increased Rates Of Past TBI

A new study provides further evidence that a history of traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be linked with an increased risk of committing criminal acts. According to a report published in PLOS ONE, an Australian research group has found a modest increase in the risk of committing a criminal offence, including violent offences, following a…


By On November 4th, 2014

Is The Proposed NFL Concussion Settlement as Good as It Sounds?

Brain injury professionals have been highly critical of the latest proposed settlement between the NFL and the former players suffering from the debilitating after-effects of exposing themselves to repeated brain injuries, but the deal looks almost generous on the surface. How can so many people be so strongly against an “uncapped” settlement which claims to…


By On September 5th, 2014

Rest Your Brain After Brain Injury, Not Just Your Body

Despite all of the improvements in how athletes respond to and manage brain injuries, the actual treatment for concussions and traumatic brain injuries has largely stayed the same. Even minor injuries should be carefully handled, similar to how a personal injury lawyer in Plymouth handles the case. People who suffer brain injuries are routinely prescribed…


By On August 25th, 2014

Just How Many Concussions Is Too Many?

Concussion protocols for sports have come a long way over the past few years at both professional and school levels. Included in just about every one of these guidelines is a rule that mandates how long a player must be removed from competition and practice after being diagnosed with a concussion or traumatic brain injury.…


By On August 14th, 2014

Where You Got Hit On The Head Doesn’t Influence Concussion Outcomes

Researchers say impact location has little effect on concussion outcome according to the findings of their study on football player-to-player collisions. “A more complete understanding of concussions in high school football is needed to assist clinicians in diagnosing and managing concussed athletes,” wrote Zachary Y. Kerr, PhD, MPH, of the University of North Carolina at…

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