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By On September 4th, 2014

NFL attempts to dodge brain injury settlement

The NFL is trying to dodge their responsibility to the players living with brain injury through creating twists and turns to the structure of the settlement and the available payouts. The rules they have created for the application process would be daunting to a person without a brain injury and may be near impossible for…


By On January 27th, 2014

RayField Wright, retired Dallas Cowboy faces dementia

Rayfield Wright, a retired Dallas Cowboy and Football Hall of Fame member, faces dementia. Wright, now 68, played for the Cowboys from 1967-1979. He has two Super Bowl rings in size 16 through which a quarter can easily pass. His retirement was brought on by the effects of multiple concussions which was affecting his memory.…


By On September 9th, 2013

Kerouac, Concussions and CTE

I have always been a reader of the New Yorker and once in a great while there is an article which crosses over from my pleasure reading into my professional life. In this week’s New Yorker, Ian Scheffler, wrote a story about the possible connection between Kerouac’s football days, fighting, mood problems, substance abuse and…


By On August 29th, 2013

NFL Agrees to settle player lawsuit: good or bad news?

The NFL agreed to settle the lawsuit brought forward by former players with brain injuries. While the initial amount of the settlement, $765 million plus legal fees, appears to be a lot of money; we need to ask is that adequate to cover the present and future needs of all players who have experienced multiple…


By On August 1st, 2013

George Visger’s Blog

I played for the 49er’s, developed hydrocephalus from concussions during the 81 Super Bowl season and underwent emergency VP shunt brain surgery. My shunt failed 4 months after our Super Bowl XVI win, and I went into a  coma. I had 2 more brain surgeries 10 hrs apart and was given last rites at age…


By On August 1st, 2013

Introduction of Guest Blogger George Visger

I first met George Visger in 2010 when he responded to a blog I wrote about brain injury and the NFL. He introduced himself as a former NFL player who experienced multiple TBI’s, brain surgeries, dealt with the consequences of his football-related brain injuries and was working as a professional biologist in his own company…


By On July 17th, 2013

Brain scan rules out Alzheimer’s for former NFL Player

A tracer-enhanced PET scan for beta-amyloid plaques was used to diagnosis a former NFL player with post-traumatic dementia related to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This case illustrated the importance of differentiating Alzheimer’s from CTE. The individual, in his 70’s, was concerned with his progressive cognitive impairment and sought an evaluation to determine the nature of…


By On June 28th, 2012

Program for Incarcerated Teens Addresses TBI

A Texas program for incarcerated adolescents has incorporated TBI screening and treatment to address impulsive behaviors and a lack of self-control. Through a grant, the study will provide assessment and treatment and be coordinated with Wayne Gordon, Ph.D. through Mount Sinai in New York to evaluate the program’s effectiveness. The number of adult individuals with…

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